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Computer Modelling Services

CAD generated assemblyCentral to developing an idea is the creation of CAD models. Using modern software, accurate virtual parts and assemblies can be quickly created from paper sketches or even just basic ideas. For people that have never experienced 3D CAD, it is a revelation. The initial design is created in a virtual 3 dimensional world on the computer screen. This allows non-technical as well as technical people to understand and visualise exactly how the finished product will look and function at an early stage. To facilitate this, high quality animations and pictures are electronically sent for review by the customer.

Once the first iteration has been completed, the design can be rapidly altered and evolved to a customers exact requirements and specifications. Again, all in a virtual computer world. For the initial work, it has been found that physical prototypes and no longer needed by the majority of CTR customers, keeping costs to a minimum.

General Asembly DrawingThe best way to picture the relationship is to consider CTR Design as an extension of your organisation. A phone call or e-mail will see changes made quickly and effortlessly. Our friendly, knowledgeable personnel will freely offer technical advice, or get in contact with people who are in a position to offer assistance.

Two-way communication is vital as the inventor probably has very specific ideas about how the product should look and function. CTR can make sure that the practical aspects are also addressed - Can it be manufactured? What material? What process? Approximate costs?


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