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Concepts To Reality is ideally placed for assist in the area or invention support. Our personnel are all engineers that have been through the often rocky road of bringing ideas to market successfully and will willingly share their experience, offer advice and affordable help.

IMPORTANT - Before you do anything, take your idea very seriously and resist the temptation to talk about it to anyone that will listen. This is critical! Your idea is YOUR intellectual property and has the potential of being worth a lot of money. If you discuss the invention with friends, acquaintances or companies informally, then you will loose the potential of being able to patent the invention at a later date. Make sure that before openly discussing your idea with anyone they sign a non-disclosure agreement. All reputable organisations will not have a problem with a non-disclosure agreement, in actual fact, it further reinforces that you are serious about your idea and its potential.

CTR can help with several areas of invention support and for ease, have split the services into four main categories:

  • Idea Development - From initial principles, sketches, or rough prototypes. Different practicable solutions can be evolved, that are based on sound engineering principles.
  • Computer Modelling - From the initial idea, a fully functional "virtual prototype" CAD model is produced.
  • Presentations - CTR can create detailed paper or electronic presentations that are essential to evaluate the potential market.
  • Prototype Manufacture - The next stage in bringing your product to life.

Remember - Never discuss your invention without getting a non-disclosure agreement signed and carefully research any prospective company. Concepts To Reality treats any request for development and invention support in the strictest confidence at all times.

From sketch
Rough initial sketch
To cad
CAD generated Assembly
To Drawings
General Assembly Drawing
To Finished Parts
Finished Components



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