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Paper to CAD Conversions

Concepts To Reality can offer a professional service in converting legacy paper drawings and designs into fully functional computer models and British Standards compliant drawings.

By modelling from the existing paper drawing, CAD parts and assemblies are generated. Fully dimensioned and toleranced drawings are subsequently created quickly and easily from these CAD models. As part of the initial work, drawing templates are also produced that feature just the clients name (there are no references on the paper drawing that drafting was completed by CTR). If needed, complete designs can be documented that include: General assembly layouts, Bills of materials, assembly or dismantling workinstructions.

As a value added service, Concepts To Reality do not just copy the legacy paper drawings, but understand and validate the design to check the clearance or interference and make sure the transferred information is completely accurate. If something is encountered that appears incorrect, we will flag it for clarification and confirmation. There have been several times when carrying out work that we have found such discrepancies because a drawing has not been updated to reflect an engineering change carried out during the manufacturing process.

On completion of any work, a copy of all the files is sent either electronically or by CD to the customer in the agreed file formats. By having all the files, the customer then has the option of purchasing their own CAD seat and utilise the power of CAD for himself or herself.

Of course, one of the main advantages of transferring to CAD is the speed and ease of altering drawings. Concepts To Reality can, if needed provide an on-going service for customers who cannot justify the expense of buying a CAD seat. We can carry out design changes and issue the revised drawings quickly and at an economical cost.

In addition to this service, Concepts To Reality offers a full backup service for companies that are instigating full transfer to 3D Cad. There are a host of problems that can be easily overcome if proper planning is utilised. Some of the more obvious is the best way of structuring the file system / part numbering, or how best to manage the huge amount of data that will be created.

To discuss any legacy paper drawing to CAD conversion work, please feel free to use our contact page.

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