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Design Modifications & Enhancements

In the modern day commercial environment, companies must continually carry out design modifications and enhancements to products and equipment. This is crucial for products to remain competitive with regards to price, performance and quality. The days of releasing a product to market and not then evolving it are long gone – Customers and end-users alike all demand more for their money.

For companies or individuals that have existing designs, CTR can offer a value added service by analysing the current offering and suggesting effective, practicable solutions to increase quality, improve ergonomics, combined with simplifying and reducing the manufacturing cost.

Concepts To Reality has a wealth of experience in different industries. Our people are the "problem solvers" of this world. Some of our many projects have included companies that have a product, but are experiencing difficulties or require it to be taken to the next stage. Quite often, only small design alterations are needed that will have a dramatic, positive influence on sales and profitability.

If you are a company that might have a need for Concepts To Reality’s service, but are not convinced about the possible benefits, then why not contact us for an initial free consultation. We will hopefully demonstrate that improving sales and reducing the products costs by significant amounts can justify any design modification work undertaken.
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