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Idea Development

Regardless whether you are an individual or a company, ideas are always being thought up. Actually taking and developing these ideas into production reality can be extremely difficult and potentially very expensive. This is especially true for people that do not have the necessary experience within manufacturing or engineering sector. There are a host of companies that promise so much, but are only interested in generating as much income from you. Take special care of companies that offer "inventors Packs" and do a thorough internet search to see if they are reputable or not.

CTR can confidentially talk through your ideas and suggest several possible routes or options that can be taken to allow you to develop the idea at a pace and cost to suit your budget. Be it the creation of several different concepts, identification of potential problems, market research or the generation of CAD models and subsequent prototypes. We can evaluate and recommend design changes so make sure the design will function correctly and can be feasibly manufactured. At all times, you will remain in control and kept up to date on progress.

If required, we willingly work outside normal office hours for individuals who are starting from scratch and are currently carrying out their project during the evenings and weekends. Use our knowledge, contacts and experience to develop your idea to the next stage.


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