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Special Purpose Jigs & Fixture Design

How best to reduce the assembly or manufacturing time of a product, is crucial to improving its quality and profitability. The correct design of special purpose jigs and fixtures is an integral part of the development cycle.

Manufacturing jigs or fixtures

From simple drill jigs that feature integral hardened bushes for longevity, through to complicated work holding fixtures suitable for clamping and subsequent machining, there is a need to understand the exact needs and requirements particular to each project. By factoring in the anticipated usage and the work environment that the fixture will be used, a cost effective solution can be designed that is suitably robust to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.

Bespoke inspection gauges

Over recent years, the use of 3D computer aided design has resulted in ever more complicated shapes and profiles being manufactured. Actually measuring these shapes to guarantee they will fit and operate correctly is crucial. CTR can work with the existing CAD data and design suitable gauges that can check critical dimensions and identify potential problems at the earliest possible time.

Assembly fixtures

CTR learn and understand the exact customers requirements and solutions are designed that meet or exceed expectations and allow assembly workers to improve productivity and quality. Fixture design is often a slight after-thought, but can have a massive impact on the build quality of a product. Correctly designed, a fixture can eliminate scrap and dramatically increase production output. Correct ergonomics of a fixture can also improve operator performance and reduce the chance of RSI.

Concepts To Reality personnel have several years experience as production engineers designing jigs and fixtures that once completed, made significant improvements, both in terms of quality and throughput.
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