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Legacy Parts Drawing

In a perfect world, all parts and equipment are fully documented and drawn so that replacements for repairs or modifications can be easily completed with minimal downtime. If only this was always the case! More often than not, legacy parts have no drawing or incomplete manufacturing information.

It is all too common to have a need for a new part or a revised design of part, where the only information available is the old part itself. Concepts To Reality personnel have a vast amount of engineering knowledge and by working with the customer a CAD model and drawing can quickly be created by measurement of the master allowing for an accurate replacement to be manufactured.

Using our knowledge, wear and tear, material specifications and such like, can all be factored in to ensure that the replacement will fit and work first time. Depending on the capabilities and needs of the customer, work can be carried out either on-site or at CTR’s office.

If required by the customer, CTR can also arrange to have the replacements manufactured. We have extensive contacts with machinists, moulders and fabricators and only deal with companies that produce the highest quality work combined with competitive prices.

If you need to have legacy parts or designs drawn accurately and quickly, please use our contact page.
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