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Manufacturing Support

For individuals and companies that need items manufactured to tight deadlines, with excellent quality and at a very competitive price.

Concepts To Reality has an extensive network of preferred suppliers covering machining, moulding, casting and fabrication. As we regularly deal with these companies, we can obtain very competitive quotes for any work required, relieving the customer of the time and expense of obtaining multiple quotes from different vendors where the final quality cannot be assured. Our partner network all produce exceptionally high quality work at cheap prices. Concepts To Reality makes sure that drawings are fully dimensioned and toleranced to eliminated any chance of rejects or problems.

By using CTR design, you will only deal with one supplier instead of a host of companies. We can be considered as a virtual engineering department at your disposal, providing finished assemblies or parts when required and the flexibility to instigate engineering changes with minimal fuss and short lead times. We offer a full manufacturing support service and can if required, work with a customer to reduce part costs significantly.


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