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Documentation and Presentations of Prototype Designs

Once a prototype design has been completed, actually documenting it fully and presenting it is crucial. Be it to show line managers, potential investors or for market research.

View a simple assembly presentationCTR Design use a variety of tools to bring the design to life. A Computer CAD file can be rendered and printed. Although not 100% "photo realistic", the resulting pictures have exceptionally high quality and can be used in presentations, publicity brochures or web sites. Over recent years, there has been a marked trend to using computer generated images to launch a product before physical items are even available, helping gauge public opinion and gain valuable feedback.

Animations of assemblies or machines can be produced in a movie file, showing the whole concept, how it works, how it is built etc. Movies really bring the design to life and add that professional feel to new projects and allow for improved communication for all people concerned.

There is also a facility for people to view the actual computer CAD assembly by use of a free of charge viewer. This allows for revolving, zooming and hiding various parts in the assembly. The viewer has proved to be excellent when at the initial concept stage as non-technical people can get a real idea of how the finished design will look and work.

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