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Part & Supplier Sourcing

No matter what your needs, Concepts To Reality can help you find those difficult or awkward parts that you know are out there… somewhere.

Due to our diverse workload, we have had to source some very obscure and exotic parts from suppliers for special applications. This experience enables us to offer unbiased advice and support for individuals and companies that do not have the time or inclination to carry out the research themselves.

Our offices are filled with brochures from a wide variety of industries, plus we have an extensive network of people and companies throughout the world that can help source that difficult item. Some examples of challenges previously encountered are:

  • An affordable plastic suitable for autoclave / sterilisation.
  • Special purpose adhesive with a cure time of 5minutes to bond metals
  • Clear plastic capable of being friction welded.
  • A suitable rubber / plastic seal for vacuum clamping
  • Aluminium surface treatment for enhanced visual appearance.
  • High-strength shake-proof fastener.
Take the hassle out of sourcing those difficult special parts or materials. CTR know where to look for special purpose adhesives or fasteners through to exotic materials. We have been there before!


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